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Collier County Transportation Disadvantaged Program Board is Looking for Volunteers

Representatives of the Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida are privileged to sit on the board for the Collier County Transportation Disadvantaged program. This board is in need of local Collier County residents to fill additional vacancies. They are looking for:

  • A person over sixty years of age to speak on behalf of the elderly in Collier County
  • A person with a disability to speak on behalf of persons with disabilities in Collier County

This is an important opportunity to provide advocacy for those who depend on the public transit fixed-route and para-transit options in Collier County. 

There are four meetings held annually at the Collier County Government Center. Anyone interested can call Sarah Gualco, AAASWFL Director of Programs and Planning at (239-652-6926) for more info and to access the application.

Additional information about the local coordinating board (LCB):

  • The purpose of the LCB is to assist the Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in identifying local service needs and to provide information, advice and direction to the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) on the coordination of services to be provided to the transportation disadvantaged (CATConnect Paratransit) within their local service area.
  • The LCB also reviews the amount and quality of service being provided to the County’s transportation disadvantaged population. The Collier LCB meets on a quarterly basis and holds at least one public hearing a year. The purpose of the hearings is to provide input to the LCB on unmet transportation needs or any other areas relating to local transportation services.

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